How I went from bladder infections ruining my life to learning how to never have another one again.

And how I can teach you the same!

I was in one of the most beautiful and amazing cities I had ever visited – Venice, Italy. The sun was beaming down and I was with people I love. We had caught a gondola down the canals to the large square in the centre of city. I should have been enjoying something I had dreamed about for years.

Catching a gondola down the canals of Venice, Italy
Catching a gondola down the canals of Venice

Instead a bladder infection was making my life miserable.

I was fluctuating between boiling hot and freezing cold, as a fever ran through my body. I had pains through my abdomen and my lower back. I was doubled over and felt like I was about to burst. The pressure on my bladder felt like I had been holding on for hours but I had only just walked out of the bathroom.

I tried so hard to enjoy my holiday and make the most of the short time I was there, but I felt weak and disgusting and uncomfortable. All I wanted was to feel better. I would have taken anything, drunk anything (no matter how bad it tasted), done anything that would make it go away so I could feel like myself.

Venice, Italy
Venice was beautiful but I was in too much pain to care

I was in pain and embarrassed.

I know that bladder infections are common, especially common in women, but they can still be embarrassing to admit. It is hard to explain why you are holding back tears and why you have to run, not walk to the toilet every 2 minutes. It is especially hard, when you are so uncomfortable you struggle to concentrate to put sentences together, let alone not be snappy and rude.

I have had more bladder infection than most. I have missed out on things, been in a lot of pain and spent a lot of money looking for a quick fix. I've been on too many courses of antibiotics to count, often causing thrush – even worse! Its affected my sex life, and my personal life. I was terrified there was something seriously wrong with me.

But I was also really lucky. After years of recurring infections, I finally figured out what causes them for me. Nowadays I can avoid them or if I feel the symptoms coming on, I can get rid of it quickly before it becomes painful, using natural treatments. Those bladder infections were actually a blessing in disguise, my bodies way of letting me know that it needed to be treated better than it was.

Now I am healthier than ever before.

I still have a lot to learn, but I now know some really simple easy to do things that have helped me. When I learn something new, that really helps – I want to share it. I want what I have learnt to help somebody else.

If you have had chronic bladder infections, or your first perhaps there is something here that can help you. Perhaps there is something I have learnt that might help you to never have another one.

Do you have a personal story about Bladder Infections?
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I have shared my bladder infection stories to help people suffering from bladder infections and UTI's and I would really appreciate it if you would share your story too!

Your bladder infection story will be extremely valuable as it lets others know that they're not alone.

What you have learned may teach someone else. Even if you have not figured out how to cure your bladder infections yet, by sharing where you are, we can begin to see patterns which can help us all in figuring out how to banish bladder infections.

By sharing your story, you may help someone else to beat bladder infections for good.

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