5 UTIs in the row to None any more. 4 steps to prevent chronic UTIs

by Anastasia
(SF, Ca)

alright, not going to bore you with the details: I had UTIs out of nowhere, they just started. I had my antibiotics always handy and a prescription ready. I had UTI scares avery time after sex. This was horrible. And painful. Doc was advising to start taking a pill of antibiotics every time after sex (!). Seriously?

4 steps, which helped (knock on wood, they are not coming back and I am UTI free for more than a year now).
1) take cranberry pill daily; it makes your bladder more resistant to bacterias
2) right after your course of antibiotics or even during start taking probiotics (I was splurging on Pro-B health, which is targeted probiotics for your vagina :) It is expensive, but good for ya. This will restore the balance of good bacterias since antibiotics kill not only bad stuff causing UTI, but the good stuff too, so you are more prone to catch the UTI again right after your antibiotics wear out! There are all kinds of stuff on the market. Maybe probiotic douche would be even more effective.
3) got rid of all thongs, bought sexy boy shorts :) Maybe this was just moral support and reason to go shopping, but I heard that thongs help to transfer bacterias back and forth easier when you are moving between your anal and vagina
4) started using tea tree oil infused soap (take regular liquid soap, add 15 or so drops of tea tree oil, shake it up) every time after sex to wash my genitalia. Peeing (as always advised) doesn't work much for me since I never have enough urine to rinse anything through and I refuse planning my sex and have it with the full bladder :)

Good luck ladies!!!!!! We can do it! I did, I hope you can fight it too!

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Jun 11, 2015
tea tree in moderation!
by: Anonymous

Too much tea tree oil is very toxic to your liver, even when used topically. One or two drops once in a while, maybe. Google it and see. : z

Oct 07, 2013
by: Georgia


Thats fantastic to make these changes and to see your bladder infections disappear - you must be so pleased and feel so much more confident not having to worry that you'll have another.

Tea tree oil is antibacterial so this is a great way to get rid of the bacteria that may have got around after sexy time. I can understand that you don't always feel need to pee after sex and totally agree with you that having sex with a full bladder isn't the most conducive to fun. If you can pee after sex when you are able to, would be a great extra thing to add to your routine but it sounds like you've got it all sorted.

Good luck and thank you so much for sharing. Hopefully some others out there can learn from what you have done to beat their bladder infections too!

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