90 day uti

by kim Baker

I am 56 year old female, 3 months ago the uti i had been trying to manage with D'Mannose for a month became unbearable low grade fever 4 months pain in lower abdomen, bladder, low back, feel really unwell. Doctors sent urine for microscopy and came back negative but heavy mixed growth. I sent a urine sample to Medi Checks who i have used before, who grew klebsiella, sensitive to Trimethoprim, I was given 5 days Trimethoprim, not enough then a week then 5 days. Went to urologist who gave me 14 days Trimethoprim, I am allergic to many antibiotics and do not want to even try Cipro. Had a cystoscopy which was all clear and please may i say i am agoraphobic, disabled suffer with vertigo and any ladies out there afraid of cystoscopy please im a wimp and it was easier than a CT scan, just undignified. Had CT scan on kidneys bladder and ultra sound, Thank God it seems to be clear. Anyway doctor then puts me on 100mg Trimethoprim at night as my symptoms had cleared up finally after 3 months, within 3 days of reduced dose im back to where i started the uti from hell plus horrendous vaginal thrush external so burning like hell.So here I am back to sqare one despair, oh and allergy to canesten cream.

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Jun 02, 2019
Prof NEW
by: Anonymous

See for Malone Lee

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