How bladder infections were ruining everything

And how they ended up changing my life


I'm Georgia, a kiwi from Auckland, New Zealand. I love travelling, music, movies, food, people and just generally having fun.

But a few years ago I wasn't having much fun at all. Trust me, I was trying... but I had recurring bladder infections that pretty much sapped the fun out of my life.

I had to text my friend on the evening of her birthday party she had been planning for months to tell her I couldn't go. I was feverish and in pain with a bladder infection. I was crying as I text her, with pain and with frustration that I was missing out and that I had disappointed her by not going.

I was in pain and embarrassed.

I had to bring a weekend away with my old school friends to an early finish. We hadn't all been away together in years, and some of them had made a big effort to find baby sitters and rearrange plans to be there. But halfway through the weekend, I got a bladder infection. I tried so hard to get rid of it and I tried to be brave and have fun anyway but I was in pain. A lot of pain and discomfort. I ended up leaving early.

I felt awful about letting people down.

I couldn't handle my partner touching me. I love him and he is my best friend in the world but when I was sick with a bladder infection, every little thing he did would drive me crazy. Every time we had sex, I was scared I would get a bladder infection and often I did.

I was scared about ruining my relationship with the man I love

I was spending lots of money at the doctor trying to get the bladder infections fixed. I was having to take a lot of time off work to go to the doctor or because I felt so awful I didn't want to be there.

Life was not seeming so fun anymore.

Bladder infections were making my life miserable.

Finally I made a choice. A choice to take my health and my life into my own hands. I was determined to be a healthy, fun person again.

I began to focus on what made me healthy and not healthy. What made my body work better and what didn't. Eventually I got lucky and found a bladder infection treatment that worked so well for me that I have not had to go back to the doctor since.

But more than that, I discovered a passion for health and wellness. I made it my goal to become healthy. I didn't realise what I had bitten off when I made that promise to myself. I have realised that being healthy is not something you can tick off the list, like making the bed. Being a healthy person is an ever evolving goal for life.

As painful as all those bladder infections were, and as awful as they were on my body and my life, they were actually a blessing in disguise. They were my bodies way of telling me it needed to be treated better.

Now I am healthier and happier than ever before.

I still have so much to learn and I am by no means perfect. I still like my naughty food and drink, and I make some pretty unhealthy choices somedays. But I get better each day, and I have more energy and more passion for life than ever.

I wanted to start this website, in case there was anything I had learnt from my journey with bladder infections that would help someone else. When I was looking for answers I seemed to always be directed to doctors who knew lots of 'facts' but had no idea what a bladder infection actually felt like. I am hoping this website is a place where you might get some help or at least some hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

xx Georgia