Antibiotics for bladder infection:

How this common medicine actually caused me to get bladder infections

When I was a teenager I got a boil under my armpit. A raised lump like an ingrown hair. I went to the doctor about it. They gave me antibiotics and sent me away.

They worked. The lump went away...but I got thrush! So I got some thrush treatment, the lump was gone and everything was good.

But then the lump came back. So I went back to the doctor. More antibiotics. Lump went away...then it keep coming back. Short story is within a year I had taken about 6 courses of antibiotics. No big deal right?

It was after this that I started getting bladder infections.

Antibiotics are the most commonly prescribed treatment for bladder infections

So to treat the bladder infections I started taking...antibiotics for bladder infections. I was getting bladder infections more and more commonly so I was taking a lot!

Here's the thing. I believe in a large part - the reason I became so susceptible to having bladder infections was due to having so many courses of antibiotics. I don't believe that is the only reason and it doesn't doom me to a life of constant bladder infections but I think it definitely changed my body

How it works:

Bladder infections are caused by certain bacteria being in a place in your body where they shouldn't be.

Antibiotics work by killing all bacteria. They are not discriminatory. They will wipe out bacteria which is in the wrong places .... and the right places. So for example if your stomach has three types of bacteria in it which it needs to be in balance and healthy and you take a course of antibiotics, then all of the bacteria in your stomach will be affected.

What commonly happens is that the bacteria that are meant to be in your stomach come back in different proportions to what they should be for optimal health.

Seems weird to me to use antibiotics for bladder infections when they help to cause them.

Then why do doctors prescribe antibiotics for bladder infections?

Antibiotics are very effective at treating bladder infections, but at what cost

Because they work.

Every time I have had antibiotics for bladder infections, it has worked. It is a almost sure fire treatment. But... It has a lasting effect on the body, leaving me vulnerable to thrush and further bladder infections. It's a catch 22.

I'm not a doctor or a health professional. I'm just someone who has had to deal with countless episodes of pain, discomfort and embarrassment over having recurrent bladder infections.

But for what it's worth this is my advice.

I avoid antibiotics for bladder infections and also for any other illness, unless I cannot find another way to fix it.

Antibiotics can save lives but save taking them for very rare circumstances when there is no other alternative.

If you do take antibiotics, make sure you take a really good probiotic with it at the same time and for sometime afterwards. I would recommend going to a naturopath and getting a high dosage one rather than one from the supermarket. Probiotics can help to restore the right bacteria to the right areas.

I choose to look for alternative treatments that do not involve drugs where ever I can.

But there are some situations where antibiotics are essential. If other treatments aren't working, it is worth taking something that does work. life is too short to be miserable and in pain.

If you are worried about it, then make sure to tell your doctor. It is easy to blame doctors for over prescribing drugs, but we all need to take responsibility for our own health and lives as well. Talk to your doctor, if you are not getting the response you want, then look around until you find someone you are happy with.

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