Bacteria from oral sex

by Debbie

This is not easy to say.. but my boyfriend, who has ED, can only do oral sex and bn doing that for months, until a bad bladder infection..went dr.. had some blood in the sample plus alot if other things. .this is my 3rd antibotic...trying to rid the bateria, in my bladder and urinary tract... My boyfriend no longer wants to be in my life.. scared him ..and me too since my brother passed with bladder cancer...Dr..said if this does not get it sending me to urologist....I'm drinking so much water. And taking cranberry juice.. now I read that baking soda helps...I finish my 3rd batch of antibiotics, and my urine is better as far as being very cloudy...but will get baking soda and try that too.. I do not wanna hv to go to urologist, and I'm very sad my boyfriend feels so guilty, for making me sick....Not sure why, it's taking so long to clear up..but 1st round of antibiotics, I drank a few beers, guess that was a set back....but hv not with the last two antibiotics, and just hope it's gonna clear up......

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