Preventing a bladder infection and sex hygiene

While often a bladder infection can having nothing to do with sex, practising good sex hygiene is an excellent idea in preventing bladder infections. It is common for a bladder infection and sex to be cause and effect, so learning what you can do to keep yourself safe is a great way to avoid a painful bladder infection.

If you feel like you might be getting a bladder infection, i.e. slightly uncomfortable when you pee, I would recommend not having sex until you have done something else about it. Even if that just means drinking a lot of water if thats all you have access to. Having sex with a bladder infection can go from uncomfortable to unbearable and quickly make things feel much worse.


In my experience having sex with a full bladder is a little distracting anyway but worth mentioning is that if you need to go to the bathroom before sex, then do that.

Peeing after sex is essential. As soon as you can possibly excuse yourself, then heading to the bathroom is a great idea. During sex it is easy for bacteria to get moved all around and to where it shouldn't be. By peeing you are forcing the bacteria out of the peehole before they get a chance to get too comfy.

Occasionally after sex it can hurt to pee. I still make sure to pee as much as I can and then follow this up with a lot of water to make sure it doesn't turn into a bladder infection.

Clean bodies, Clean hands

Making sure both you and your partner have clean bodies and clean hands is important before sex. Little things like sweat and dirt, can have pretty uncomfortable reactions if they end up in your pee hole. If one or other of you has been out sweating up a storm, it is eask to transfer this to the other.

I don't always have a shower before I have sex but I will have had one that day. There have been times in the past, when we went camping or travelling where I had sex without one or the other of us having had a shower for over 12 hours, these would be times when it would be quite likely to get a bladder infection.

If you are getting recurrent bladder infections, then I would suggest it would be wise for both you and your partner to shower before sex.

Make sure you clean the whole area down there using soap and water. You don't need to get soap up any holes but do ensure that you are clean in the whole area from back to front or front to back. I prefer to use soap over bodywash but that might just be my preference as I have quite sensitive skin.

It is important that your partner is clean as well. If your partner is uncircumcised then it is important that he pulls back the foreskin and cleans in behind there too. This area can get dirty and smelly and is a good breeding ground for bacteria, which if transferred to you can cause a bladder infection. Circumcised or not, it is an important area to keep clean.

This could be a really awkward conversation to have I imagine. To be honest this thought never crossed my mind until my boyfriend brought up that it was necessary but that some guys might not do it. However if you can phrase it in a way that makes it clear it is because you are worried about bladder infections so you can enjoy sex it will probably go down a little better than calling them dirty.

It is also important to have clean hands before you get down to the deed also. Dirty hands also lead to spreading bacteria where it is not needed.

It is often wise to have a shower after sex as well if you can. Having a shower to quickly rinse off the area will help if there is bacteria lurking around where it shouldn't be. Even just a quick wipe with a clean damp flannel can suffice.


Often the bacteria that causes a bladder infections in the peehole comes from not that far away – the bumhole. If you are having anal sex, it is important that you don't go from anal sex back to vaginal sex without some kind of washing going on in between or change of condom.

Even if you are not having anal sex, things can slip and slide around during sex, so worth noting that things that touch in or around the bumhole should not then be put near the vagina or peehole. A quick wash off should do the trick and being clean before sex, should also help with not spreading germs about.

All women are built differently and some are built with entrances much closer than others which may be why some women are more suseptible to bladder infections and other complications than others. If this is you, then being extra careful about hygiene will be very important.


Having prolonged friction on the peehole can either lead or contribute to blader infections. Which is unfortunate because thats usually a place want a little friction!

Ways to get around this.


Lubricant is important if you are prone to bladder infections. Doesn't hurt to have a little extra moisture going on down there to ensure everything is moving about smoothly. If in doubt lube up.

Sometimes less is more

I have heard of women who are so prone to bladder infections, that they have to have a timer on during sex so that it doesn't go on for too long. I have never got to this extreme but I do know there have been times where he's congratulating himself on his marathon perfromance and I was thinking not of pleasure but of how likely it was I would get a bladder infection.

If this is an issue with you, then it is worthwhile getting a little more inventive. Spend more time on the pre intercourse stuff and move to the sex only once you are both really ready, this willl minimise the time spend doing that bit. Perhaps taking a break in between for a bit to do something else (crochet anyone?) could help also.

Working out what works for you, is important to make sure you are not letting the bladder infection ruin your sex life.


It can also be common for a bladder infection to happen if you are a little sensitive down there. If you are feeling firey down there instead of fired up, it might be worth double checking if you are having an allergic reaction to your lube or condoms. The only real way I know to do this is to try a few different brands and see if they are having a reaction. For a mild reaction it will really only feel like a bit of heat down there and I am sure if you are more allergic, there will be a stronger reaction. Be aware you can develop an allergy even if you haven't had one previously.


If you have thrush and you have sex, you can spred this to your pee hole and end up with a bladder infection also. So be wary of what else is going on with your body. In my experience, having sex while you have thrush isn't very pleasant anyway – feels like you are being stabbed.

Bladder infections and sex life:

When I was at the peak of getting my bladder infections, it came very close to ruining my relationship. It definitely had a big dampner on our sex life. I often couldn't have sex due to having a bladder infection – not that he probably wanted to anyway – I used to be pretty grumpy when I had a bladder infecition. And many times I had to stop in the middle of sex as I was worried that I was getting a bladder infection. I also began to get anxious about having sex in case it caused me to have another painful bladder infection.

My partner is my best friend in the world and he is very easy to talk to but I still felt embarrassed talking to him about that stuff as it was pretty personal.

For us there were a few simple changes we made that ensured that we weren't encouraging bladder infections, such as making sure we were showered and peeing after sex (for me) that made a difference. However in the end to really beat the bladder infections, there were further lifestyle changes that had to be made to ensure that we could move on with our lives and not worry about bladder infections so much.

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