The bladder infection cause I didn't believe related to me, when I began this article

I do believe in a connection between stress and health, and I can see how it could be one of the bladder infection causes in me. I have seen how when I am worried about something that I get more tired and how my body feels tense. It is easy for me to imagine how this could easily affect my health.

There have been numerous studies on how cortisol, the stress hormone, can lead to a lowered immune system. It would make sense that continuing stress in your life could be a bladder infection cause, by lowering the immune system.

A connection between overall stress and bladder infections makes a lot of sense to me.

In the 80's Louise Hay became famous for her book "You can heal your life" and it's theories on how specific life stresses can cause particular illnesses in people. Which doesn't sound completely crazy to me, it does make sense that if you are suffering from stress about one thing that you would react in a particular type of way and it would have an effect on a specific part of your body.

However the bit I was unsure about in this theory is that the bladder infection cause listed in her book. Bladder infections are to do with conflict, in particular with your partner. She calls it being "pissed off" which is pretty apt for a bladder infection.

Bladder infections are to do with conflict, in particular with your partner.

In a more recent book, co-authored with Mona Lisa Schulz , Louise Hay puts forth that money-worry may also be another bladder infection cause. They discuss the concept that stress related to both relationships and money have a connection to bladder issues. Particularly the idea feeling powerless in regards to money or if your partner has control of the finances.

Christiane Northrup, author of "Women's bodies, Women's Wisdom" also discusses bladder infections. On her website it says "Pay attention to what happened in your life and relationships 24 to 48 hours before the onset of the symptoms".

Christiane Northrup Quote. Developing a Urinary Tract Infection may be the bodys way of releasing anger
Could your bladder infection be caused by anger?

The reason I was unsure of this in relation to me, was that I don't really fight with my partner. Sure we get a bit snarky with each when one or other of us is hungry... ok, actually, when I am hungry. But as a general rule we are both really easy going people, who rarely argue. I compare it to other people's relationships who fight a lot more and those other people are not suffering from repeated bladder infections. So I kind of put this out of my mind, as a bladder infection cause in my particular case. Although I was not dismissing that this may be a contributing factor for other people.

And then I came across a study by husband and wife research team of Janine K. Kiecolt-Glaser and Ronald Glaser. They have done studies on marital conflict and it's health effects.

One of the things they found in their research was that women are much more sensitive to stress reactions with relationship issues than their husbands. In part this is thought be because, as a rule, the women in the study tended to spend more time reminiscing about the disagreements, and with more detailed and vivid memories.

"Because memories of stressful experiences can themselves continue to evoke stress-related physiological changes, women's stronger and more enduring memories may help sustain their physiological arousal."

In the people studied who are exhibiting signs of effect on the immune system for disagreement, it was not necessarily how bad the argument was or what it was over that had the biggest effect, it was in part how they were dwelling on it afterwards.

Whether is due to gender difference or just difference in personalities in general, my partner and I are very different in how we deal with problems. He seems to easily decide not to think about something and that's that. He doesn't choose to chew on things and think them over. Me on the other hand... well, let's just say I have a tendency to re-hash things over and over again.

Perhaps it was not that we argue a lot but how I deal with things in general, that is my bladder infection cause?

For Paul and I, we don't argue very often, but there is an underlying issue which we rarely discuss – marriage. For me it's something that I would love to do. For him, its a definite no. We have discussed it and together decided that his reasons for not wanting to are stronger than my reasons for wanting to. I love him and am committed to staying with him and him to me, and I believe that is more important than my wishes to get married. But that doesn't mean it doesn't still leave a bitter taste in my mouth. While for me I thought that I have dealt with that, perhaps deep down I am still angry at him for having to give up my dreams of marriage.

Perhaps it is not that we don't argue about it, but that I think about it a lot.

That I dwell on it and go over it in my mind. That I still feel a twinge of jealously each time another friend gets engaged. Perhaps this could be a large contributing factor in my recurrent bladder infections.

Christiane Northrup says that for people suffering from chronic bladder infections or many recurring bladder infections, it may be that the these angry emotions are ongoing and not even at the surface. In other words you may not even be aware that you are angry at the person.

"Although the way in which we react to stress is determined in part by our genetic makeup, we can exert some control. " Cindy L.A. Jones

So what to do? While all the steps I am taking with healthy diet and healthy lifestyle appear to be working, am I setting myself up for failure if I don't deal with these underlying issues? How do you deal with an issue like that?

Is meditation and yoga enough to release this anger in a healthy way? Or is it going to keep coming back until I am truly fine with the idea of not getting married? I am not sure on the answers to this and I am guess I will come to that as I get more clarity.

Do you see a connection between bladder infections and stress?

Do you see a connection in your own life between your bladder infections and your relationship to your partner or ex? How about a connection between your bladder infection and money? Or can you see a connection between stress and health at all? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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