Do you know the top Bladder Infection Causes?

Bladder infection causes are usually to do with bacteria or fungus in your bladder.

While your body can deal with a small amount of bacteria or fungus, if there is an overload or if your immune system is compromised then your body can struggle to cope and an infection occurs.

Here are some of the common bladder infection causes:

  • Diet
  • Sex
  • Dehydration
  • Hygiene
  • Clothing
  • Holding on from going to the toilet for too long
  • General health

If you don't have time to read all of this, start with the basics. Have a look at this page for easy tips for bladder infection prevention.


Often it seems that bladder infections are linked to the waterworks system being too acidic. This is why things like antacids can help bring short term relief as they are having the opposite (alkaline) effect on the system.

What I am eating plays a massive part in my suseptibility to bladder infections. Some foods are bladder infection causes in me. Food or drink high in sugar like alcohol or coke cola or foods containing a lot of dairy - possibly because I am already sensitive to it. Having coke and pizza right before bed is an almost surefire way of triggering a bladder infection in me.

The other way diet is related is in your overall health. If you are generally eating unhealthy foods overall, your whole system overall is having to work that much harder to keep you going. This puts more stress on your body and leaves it open to more infection and illness.


Having sex can get pretty messy. It's not hard to see how microscopic bacteria could end up getting moved from one place to another down there.

Being suseptible to bladder infections can put a serious dampner on your sex life, when everytime you have sex you end up getting a bladder infection. That thought is not much of a turn on!

There are somethings that you can do that can minimise your chances of getting a bladder infection from sex.

Firstly, make sure you pee straight after sex. Jump out of bed the minute you are done and sprint to the bathroom like you're on fire! Or you could be much more subtle if that's how you'd prefer. :) Either way make sure you go, as soon as you can. If you have managed to mush bacteria up your peehole you can just pee it straight out again.

Have a big drink of water after this, to make sure you have good fluid going through you.

If you can take a shower after sex is good to make sure you are really clean down there. You don't have to have a deluxe shower where you shave and wash your hair, just a "get the important bits shower" will do if you are short on time.

Also having sex, when one of you hasn't showered all day is not great either. If you or your partner has been out labouring and sweating all day, it's a good idea to shower first. Why not save time and have sex in the shower?


One of the bigger bladder infection causes is dehydration. It makes sense your waterworks system isn't going to flow so well if it's low on water. Drinking enough is essential to keep your body flowing healthily and happily. Read more on drinking enough water here.


It is important to keep yourself clean down in your nether regions. Bacteria and fungi like damp, dark, moist places to live. Unfortunately that's what your fufu is - damp, dark and moist.

Bladder infection causes can include not showering regularly. I shower at least once a day, often two or three times depending on what I get up to. Always shower after getting wet or sweaty. Don't hang around in moist knickers for hours.

Clean knickers. You need clean knickers everyday. I wear a fresh pair of knicker after every shower I have.

Wipe from front to back.This is one of the bladder infection causes that is always suggested from doctors and the internet. I think that most people do wipe this way - however it doesn't hurt to say it again.

When you go to the toilet, make sure that you wipe from the front to the back. This is to minimise bacteria from poo, being brought forward to the peehole. Make this a habit, even when you haven't done a poo, make sure to wipe from front to back. Everytime!


For some people the clothing they wear can definitely be one of the bladder infection causes for them. If you have a bladder infection, you will probably feel like wearing loose baggy clothes anyway. To prevent bladder infections, that's not a bad idea either.

Knickers: Cotton is best! Cotton knickers are far preferable to synthetic. Mesh look knickers, sating knickers, lacey knickers - all very sexy. However they are not the best idea to wear all day long if you are prone to bladder infections. Maybe wear them for when someone is looking and then the rest of the day, wear your daggy, beige cotton knickers that keep you healthy, comfy and happy. Or you can tell me where to buy sexy cotton knickers and we can all be sexy and comfy!

I also try to sleep in no knickers when I can. Not when I stay in a 30 bed room in a hostel. But when it's just me and my partner at home, no knickers is fine by him. Good to get a chance to breath.

Tight clothing: Anything too tight around the crotch can help to cause bladder infections. I wear tight jeans and stockings still but not everyday. If I am suffering from a bladder infection I favour baggy track pants so I can mope in comfort - well as much comfort as you can get with a bladder infection!

Going to the toilet reguarly

It sounds like such a simple thing to do, doesn't it? Just go the the bathroom when you need to. But apparently this is one of the leading bladder infection causes.

I work in an office with about 40 women in my department. The number of times each day I see someone practically running to the bathroom, because they are busting for the loo is ridiculous. We work totally flexible hours, we can go when we like and still we get distracted and forget something as simple as going to the bathroom when we need to.

Go to the bathroom reguarly. Do not wait until you are busting. The longer you leave between bathrom breaks, the longer urine sits in your bladder collecting bacteria. You don't need to go every five minutes, but just regularly enough that you aren't breaking down the door to get in there.

General Health

Your general health plays such a large part in bladder infections. If your system is running great and you feel great, you could probaby do all the things above I said not to do and be fine. But if your immune system is compromised, and you do just one of the above bladder infection causes, you could be in for a nasty surprise. Keeping your overall health up is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Infographic on general wellness
How general health influences bladder infections

This is not an exhaustive list of all bladder infection causes. There are definitely more out there. Have you found something that has caused bladder infections to flair up in you? Please let me know. I think prevention is so much better than trying to fix something.

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