Bladder Infection Relief

Curing a bladder infection is more than just bladder infection relief. Obviously you want to ensure that the problem is fixed first and foremost. But sometimes when you have done all you can do and you still feel like your wees are on fire it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve on how to deal with the pain.

Salt bath

Literally this is running yourself a hot bath and pouring as much salt in there as you feel like. This is not a cure but you will find some bladder infection releif by sitting in the warm water. If you are at home and have access to a bath it is much nicer than sitting on the toilet weeing intermitently, crying and hoping no one else needs the bathroom. Avoid using heavily perfumed or flavoured soaps or bubble baths as these can irritate you more - just plain old salt and water works best.


These are over the counter indigestion tablets, like quickeeze or alka seltzer. There is something in the antacids which can help with bladder infection pain relief. I think it the alkaline of the tablets which reduces the acid in the urine. It is NOT a cure, but can help to relieve symptoms till you sort out a way to fix the problem.

Sometimes people think that they are cured because the pain has gone. I have never found these to actually fix the problem, only to temporarily remove the pain while I found another way to fix it. Please do not use this as a cure, just as a temporary pain relief while you find another way to get rid of the actual problem.


This is definitely not a cure but if you have done all you can do and you just have to wait then the best thing to do is ignore it. Easier said than done! I love reading but can't read when I have a bladder infection. I need to watch trashy tv that doesn't involve any concentration and try my hardest to go to sleep. But if you can distract yourself, this is a good thing to get some respite!


Drinking water is one of the most important ways you can minimise the pain of a bladder infection
Water helps to dilute the pain

You will hear me mention this everywhere on this website – it is because water is awesome!! When you need to wee 3 times within a minute, putting more liquid into your body may seem like a bad plan. However the best way to think about it is that each glass of water is diluting all the pain. You might be peeing razor blades but diluting those razor blades with water will give you some relief.

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