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Jun 13, 2017

Let your new doctor know what antibiotics you have been prescribed for UTI/Bladder infections

I have had recurrent bladder infections since I was 16. I too would go to the lake, get out, pull on a pair of jeans or shorts and party with the gang

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Jun 13, 2017

my exact problem

i've had uti for a few wks now, i tried every bit of natural remedy (goldenseal, d-mannose, vit c, blueberries, baking soda, apple cider vinegar..) because

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Apr 28, 2017

Recovery from UTI.

Hello there. I have been fortunate enough to only have two bladder infections in my life; one, ten years ago at the age of 15 and one last week. I'm

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Apr 28, 2017

recurrent bladder infections and diabetes

Lucky me, I began using those disposable diaper wipes after going to pee and its helped me not have so much trouble. I also fix a pad with Braggs vinegar

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Apr 28, 2017

Bacteria from oral sex

This is not easy to say.. but my boyfriend, who has ED, can only do oral sex and bn doing that for months, until a bad bladder infection..went dr.. had

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Apr 28, 2017

Bladder Infections start after 1st baby

1960, I had a fairly large baby held full term and born naturally. It started out with incontinence then the infections began. I have had 2 surgeries

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Apr 28, 2017

Two years of consistent UTI

I'm 55 years old- when I was 16 I got my first bladder infection, by the time I was 29 I was averaging at the very least 4-5 UTIs a year-so off to a urologist

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Apr 28, 2017

90 day uti

I am 56 year old female, 3 months ago the uti i had been trying to manage with D'Mannose for a month became unbearable low grade fever 4 months pain in

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Apr 28, 2017

Pain like a brick placed on your bladder

I had heard of them but never experienced a uti before this past week. My husband and I had an argument and it caused me great stress. The next day I had

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Apr 28, 2017

Three in ONE month!

I am a 53 year old woman who, in the past, didn't have that many bladder infections; But, something has changed in my body. I have now been diagnosed

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Apr 28, 2017

peeing razor blades

Hi all, first of i want to say thanks to everyone who has written on here. It is amazing to see how many others go through the same thing i do nearly every

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Apr 28, 2017


So glad I come across this I have had bladder infections since I met my partner and I'm talking I have 1 every 2 months I have a biopsy to check for cancer

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Apr 28, 2017

Heart attack reaction

I'm awake reading this after 5 days of a UTI. I have not had one in years and this time I even have blood in the urine. My husband had a heart attack requiring

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Apr 28, 2017

Finally I'm not alone

I have been getting bladder infections for years now. At least 1 per month or so. I always find it pops up when I'm super stressed. I thought I was just

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Apr 28, 2017


My fiancée and I split up and he went to live 100 miles away because his dad wanted him back (my boyfriend is 57) We made attempts to get back together

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