by Brenda

I loved your post and it reminded me of the resentments I hold for most of the people I know. When I visualise that person, none of the good that they have done surfaces, just the bad stuff!, I think I hold onto the bad thoughts of these people because i won't be disappointed when it happens again, so it is a way of keeping me safe. The thing is, I still get disappointed! It still hurts when things don't go to my plan.
Everyone does things for a reason. You, for instance want to get married for a reason. Your partner doesn't for a reason. My reason for getting married would be a feeling of belonging, a feeling of safety, a feeling of not being alone - to show the world I am worth something and loved. That is just me. If I give myself all these things then I don't need to get them from anyone else and the wanting to get married disappears because the reasons have
Thank you so much for sharing

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