Catty Coworker and a UTI

One night at work I had a co worker who is constantly passive aggressive toward me cause me to get into trouble. I am new at this job and she suggested a certain way I should do something. So I listened and immediate got reprimanded. When I voiced that I was only doing something I was told by another employee it fell on deaf ears. I took all blame and as usual she got off as if she had done nothing wrong. I cried on my way home and cried to my husband before bed. Then that night I woke at 2am with horrible UTI symptoms. Since then I've been put on antibiotics, I have a horrible fever and I'm struggling to get better.
My friend who is a natural doctor asked me if I had been upset with anyone before I got sick.
So yes I do believe my anger toward this coworker had something to do with my sickness now. It is a major lesson from the universe to let things go and try to not care what other people do. It will all come our in the wash anyway.

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Oct 11, 2015
something inspiring
by: Anonymous

This was indeed the case.

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