A potential cause of bladder infections?

In all the books I have read on bladder infections, this potential cause of bladder infections, has only been hinted at once but I thought it was worth exploring more.


I'm sure most of us at one time or another have had that feeling of needing to go number two's and it's just not gonna happen. For some people it's a regular occurrence... or not.

For me this is, thankfully, not something I get very often, but I have noticed that in the times that I do, I will quite often get an accompanying bladder infection. Just what you want! It made me wonder if constipation could be a cause of bladder infections?

Now the one book I read that mentioned this, said that if you were constipated that it would be more likely that fecal matter would be transported to the urinary tract. As we know, E coli from feces, is the leading culprit when it comes to blaming bacteria for bladder infections.

The thing I didn't quite get about this theory was how this fecal matter was getting to the peehole if you are constipated. Isn't the whole point that it's not coming out?

But something I have wondered myself was the connection between dehydration, constipation and bladder infections. Being dehydrated definitely contributes to both bladder infections and constipation. But can being constipated actually take more water out of your system?

My theory goes that if you are trying to digest something that is too dry, your digestive system will try to absorb more water to loosen it up. Which means that it will be taking that water that was destined for your kidneys and urinary tract and diverting it to other path. Leaving your urinary tract even more dehyrdated and urine concentrated.

Another theory is that the increased pressure of having that blocked inside you will be putting more pressure onto your other tubes – namely your urinary tract. Having the added pressure on the urinary tract could lead to urine not leaving as quickly and easily, giving more time for bacteria to develop.

Of course, these are only my theories. I have not spent years learning the human anatomy or dissecting cadavers, I am no doctor!

What's more important for me than exactly how it works, is if this is a potential cause of bladder infections and if so, what can I do about it?

Based on knowing my own body and how I feel, I know that if I am constipated, that something is not right for me. Knowing that for me it will likely lead to a bladder infection is just another reason to get onto it even sooner.

My top tips for getting over constipation and avoiding a bladder infection are:

Drink plenty of water

Based on the fact that I am not going, I would drink more than I normally would just to give everything a bit more of a move along.

Eat watery foods

Eat foods that are full of water and opposed to foods that soak it up. For example, eating vegetables rather than bread!


Go for a run or a walk – sometimes the motion can help things get on their way.


Sometimes just giving yourself some relaxation time can help.

Squatting to go.

This may sound bizarre to you if you have never heard of it, but it wasn't always considered "normal" to sit down to go. For centuries humans squatted to do their business and in many countries this is still the norm. The posture of a squat allows your body to more easily eliminate. If constipation is something you are dealing with often, it may be worth having a go with to see if it helps. There are seats to help adapt your current toilet to do this if you want.