What is one of the major causes of bladder infection was a habit you had never thought of and did almost every day

What if this habit was so ingrained in you from the time you were a small child that you never thought of it or questioned it. Can you see how it would be difficult to recognise, let alone change?

One of the best ways to avoid bladder infections is to pee when you need to. Sounds simple right? I thought so too... until I really started analysing my behaviour.

How often have you been out and about and have decided to hold on rather than use the grotty facilities provided? When I was younger I would hold for the longest time to avoid using toilet which weren't quite as sanitary as I had hoped for. How often have you been on a long trip or stuck in traffic and couldn't pee?

Your bladder is a bit like a water balloon, in that it expands as it fills. To release this you need to pee, but if you are often "holding on" you can imagine the inside lining of the bladder will become sensitive and irritated.

The difference between the bladder and a water balloon is that the bladder has the capability to release a little of the urine through it's walls back into the body to ease this pressure. Your bladder is part of your urinary system's way of getting rid of the waste. It doesn't want to get that waste all the way to your bladder just to let it all back into the body. So it lets the water out into the body, leaving more and more concentrated urine in the bladder. You will see this when you have been dehydrated and your pee is much darker than usual.

So not only is your bladder stretched beyond capacity, it is also holding a more concentrated urine, you can see how this could easily be one of the causes of bladder infection.

Obviously the simple solution is to pee when you need to, not when you get desperate. Desperate is already the stage when you are doing damage to your bladder.

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