How to use cranberry extract powder to cure a bladder infection quickly and naturally


It's been a hectic morning. You been rushing around all morning, the boss seems in a weird mood and you were busting to go the toilet all through that meeting. You finally make it to the bathroom and oh oh. It burns when you pee.

Having had a bladder infection before, you know where this is going. You wash your hands and think about your plan of action. Already you need to go to the bathroom again.

This has happened to me on more than one occasion, and I have successfully managed to use cranberry extract powder to get rid of a bladder infection. In fact I used to keep a bottle in the bottom drawer of my desk in case this happened.

Cranberry Extract is one of the most effective natural remedies I have used
Cranberry Extract is a white powder

Directions on how to take cranberry extract powder:

Always follow the instructions on the bottle but for the one I used to use, I put in a spoonful (spoon included in bottle) of powder into say 1/4 glass of water and swished it around until it had disappeared. Then just drink it up.

Cranberry Extract Taste:

I have taken some awful tasting medicines in my time and this is definitely not one of them. It is slightly sweet and of course the more water you add the more diluted the taste becomes. I wouldn't drink it for fun, but it is definitely pleasant tasting. For this reason if I were recommending a treatment for a child I would definitely recommend cranberry extract powder. It is sweet, safe, natural and easy to drink.

Where you can get it from:

Most pharmacies that I have been to stock cranberry extract in one form or another, otherwise I am sure you could find online. I will have a look into this and find out more.

How long does it take to work:

The beauty of this product is that it can act so quickly. Often after just one dose, within the hour I was back to feeling normal.

Most of the times I have taken cranberry extract powder for bladder infections I have had a complete cure within 2-3 doses, which is within a couple of hours.

As with any treatment, the sooner you can take it, the better. Once you start feeling bladder infection symptoms I wouldn't advise waiting to see if they will go away on their own.

What to do you haven't started feeling better in a couple of hours:

On the back of the bottle it says it takes 24 hours to be effective. Luckily it usually works much faster than this! Often it can work after the first dose and usually within 2-3 doses it will work.

However in my experience if it hasn't made a significant difference after 3-4 doses, then it is not going to work. It seems to be very effective for when dealing with a bladder infection caused by candida but if this is not the cause then it doesn't matter how much you take it, it is not going to fix anything. If you haven't noticed you are getting any better after 5 or so doses of the cranberry extract, I would recommend trying something else.

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The other things I did to help with the bladder infection

I drank a lot of water which is really good for bladder infections anyway.

And I tried not to pee too much once I had taken the medicine. I know that sounds impossible.

I found that once you have a bladder infection and you feel like peeing constantly, it can aggravate everything even more if you do keep going. I tried to hold on as long as I could between going, hoping that medicine would kick in soon. This worked much better, than letting myself pee every minute.

Is it natural?

Cranberries are a food which has reportedly been used for it's medicinal properties for centuries. How natural it is to extract it, I cannot say but it is on the scale of things a very natural product. I do not think you could probably eat enough cranberries to get this benefit. However you may be able to eat enough for preventing bladder infections.

Cranberry extract also comes in a tablet form.