The diet for bladder infection includes:

  • large quantities of sweet, sugary foods,
  • tons of highly processed foods
  • lots of dehydrating beverages like coffee, soft drinks and alcohol.

You think I'm joking don't you? Well, this is exactly the kind of diet that leads to bladder infections if you are prone to them and make things much worse if you are already suffering with a bladder infection.

Ok I'll be serious now. Here are some of the foods to include in a diet for bladder infection - that will actually help to prevent one!


water is essential for preventing and curing bladder infections
Water is the most natural and effective way to prevent bladder infections

Drinking enough water to keep your bodies systems moving and working is vital to preventing bladder infections. Increasing your water intake while you are actually suffering from a bladder infection is important to, to flush out any bacteria in your urinary system. Click here for some tips on drinking more water.

Cranberry juice

Including some cranberry juice in your diet for bladder infection can be helpful. Cranberries are known for their properties of helping bladder infections. It is important when buying cranberry juice to deal with bladder infections that you get an unsweetened version. Sugar will actually do more harm than good a lot of the time, and artificial sweeteners are not great either.

Unsweetend cranberry juice is not to everyones taste - it is quite tart. If you are struggling with this, don't worry it is not the be all and end all. If you get the other parts of your diet for bladder infection right, then cranberry juice is not essential. No need to go nuts on this if you don't like the taste of cranberry. A little is ok and if you get everything else right, this probably isn't a big deal.

Eat real food

Increase your intake of fresh fruit and veg is an excellent way to help your body, not just as a diet for bladder infection but for overall health too. Not only does it give your body a break from digesting all those toxins from processed foods and allows it to start healing itself, it also helps to alkalinise it and take away from the acidity that is hurting your urinary system.

For more info on good fruit and veg to eat in a diet for bladder infection, I will be updating a page on this soon.

Lemons and limes can cause an alkaline effect on the body, minimising bladder infection pain
Lemons or limes can minimise bladder infection pain

Foods that don't come in packets are the ideal place to be eating, but it also depends where you are coming from.

I am a big believer that dieting doesn't work. As a disordered eater for much of my teenage years I can attest to the fact that it's not good for your body or your mind. Making changes to your diet needs to be something that is good for all parts of you.

Your new diet for bladder infection needs to take into account, where you have come from and where you want to be.

I could tell you that you can only eat raw, organic, local, in season produce but if your diet currently resembles "Supersize Me" no mater how much you want to do this, it's going to be pretty challenging to stick to.

I believe a small change that becomes a habit you can keep for the rest of your life, is far more valuable than any amazing fad diet that is so hard to sustain you can only keep it up a short while. A diet for bladder infection needs to be sustainable enough that you can stick to it, otherwise you will revert to your old behaviours and be back to square one again.

It is also important to be focusing on the benefits of what you will be getting and not what you will be giving up. One of the main benefits of a diet for bladder infection is obviously not having bladder infections anymore, and also overall increased health and energy. But that is not the sort of benefits I am talking about.

Often diets are about restricting or taking away things that you really like, which quite frankly isn't very cool. But when you focus a lot more on the fun things you can add in, it becomes more of a fun exercise. Focusing on the parts that give you the most joy is a way make some habits that will last a lifetime of health.

More recipes coming soon!
Delicious Bone Broth Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup More recipes coming soon MOre recipes coming soon
Bone Broth Pho: Delicious Vietnamese Noodle Soup More recipes coming soon!

Some examples of this in action.

A happy ending

My partner Paul, used to love coke, it was his favourite thing to drink, especially out of glass bottle – don't ask me why I think it tastes the same no matter what it comes in. Anyway he decided that it wasn't very healthy and he wanted to drink less but didn't want to cut it out in one hit. So he used to drink a ton of water and then follow it with a small glass of coke.

He said that it made him feel as satisfied as if he had drunk a lot of coke but with only a little. I have noticed over time he has started drinking a lot more water and now barely drinks coke at all.

Get excited

Salads to me were always the cold boring side to a meal that you had to force yourself to get through so you could get to desert. I decided I wanted to change my mind about how I felt about salads.

My friend Megan bought me a book of salads with beautiful, luscious pictures in and we set about trying different ones each week. While not all the salads were strictly the most healthy ingredients, the important thing was I was beginning to enjoy creating them, buying for them and eating them. I even went through a stage where I was photographing them because they were just so pretty!

Now I am more inclined to actually want a salad as my first option. This is so much better than getting a big greasy burger and infinitely better than ordering the salad and feeling ripped off that you didn't get the burger.

Marketing to yourself

Now this does sound weird but hear me out. Each time you walk down the road, turn on the TV or countless other everyday activities you are being marketed at. People are trying to sell you their products, their ideas, etc. That's not going to change any time soon.

But what you can change is what you decide to market to yourself.

I changed my screensaver to a delicious picture of fruit and vegetables. I have a big fruit bowl full of delicious looking fruit in the kitchen which looks so appetizing I just want to eat it. I say things to myself like "I am fit, healthy and happy" enough times that I want to put those things into action. Being the big nerd that I am, I even photoshopped some old junk food adverts into ads for foods I wanted to like more. I say to myself "Look at that delicious nectarine - I want that" not "I want that chocolate bar but I SHOULD have that crummy old nectarine".

These actions might seem small but over time they add up and you realise that you want to eat something fresh and natural not something greasy and beige.

I use pintest to market to myself about health and wellness. Feel free to follow me there.

I'd love to hear some of your ideas on how you have made changes to your diet for bladder infection, please contact me.