Dysuria is a fancy way of saying "It hurts when I pee!"

Technically dysuria means painful or difficult urination. It doesn't quite fully describe the burning razor blades in your pee hole that a bladder infection actually feels like though. However you want to describe it, painful urination is no fun.

Bladder infections are important to treat quickly. There are a variety of bladder infection treatments that can help you to get rid of the infection within a day or even a couple of hours. But when you are suffering from a bladder infection, every razor-blading pee can feel like an hour instead of a minute.

Here are some ways to stop the pain of dysuria while you work on getting a treatment to actually fix the problem.


Water works as a preventative and a cure for bladder infections
Water can help to minimise the pain

This is my favourite cure for everything! It helps to fix the problem by flushing the infection through you, but it also helps to minimise the pain of dysuria by diluting the urine going through you.

It may seem counter-intuitive to be drinking more water when you are already peeing every two seconds but what you are peeing will hurt less if it is diluted.


Often the pain of dysuria is caused by a lot of acidity in the urine hurting the area which is inflamed with the infection. The opposite of acidity is alkalinity, so to ease the pain it can be a good idea to take something which is alkaline to neutralise the acid.

Easy alkaline to find:

Antacid Tablets

These are like the ones you would take for heartburn. They work the same way in your urinary tract as they do to stop heartburn by reducing the acid feeling. They are usually easy to find in most pharmacies or often lying around the house if someone in your place suffers with heartburn.

Baking soda

Baking Soda can be a fast acting pain releif for bladder infections
Baking Soda, cheap and easy

You will likely already have this in the pantry, as it is often used in baking. Sodium Bicarbonate, or baking soda as it is commonly known is probably the cheapest, most cost effective alkaline.

Put a teaspoon or two in some water and chug it down. It won't taste very good but will make you feel better.


This is sold as a bladder infection treatment and relief in most pharmacies. It's main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate, which is baking soda. I think the main difference is that it tastes better.

Alkaline foods

There are a lot of foods which have the effect of alkalinising the body as well, including leafy, green veges, Lemons and fresh herbs like coriander. These are not as fast acting as cures above but are definitely necessary as an ongoing prevention and remedy. For more information about this, please see my pages on bladder infection diet, coming soon.

Lemons and limes can help to alkalinise the body
A squeeze of lemon in water can help to releive pain

These will all have the same effect of alkalinizing the urine.

A warning here. People often feel that they have cured their bladder infection when they take something like this and the pain has gone away only to find it returns with vengeance when they stop taking the alkaline.

In some cases, a bladder infection can be treated by alkalinizing it but in my experience this is rare, without taking some other steps.

In the past when the only change I made was to take a treatment like baking soda, and kept eating foods and drinks that were causing the problem, once I stopped with the alkalinizing the problem came back much worse.

Use alkaline to help minimise the pain while you treat the problem. If you use something to get rid of the pain it is essential that you also fix the problem. An untreated bladder infection can lead to a kidney infection, which can be dangerous and also is putting a lot of strain on your body to fix.


Easier said than done I know! Clenching up, feeling tense and anticipating the pain only seems to make the pain of dysuria feel much worse.

To try and minimise this, try some simple relaxation techniques.

  • Take long, slow deep breaths into your stomach area. When you get tense you tend to start breathing up in your chest. Try to consciously inflate your stomach as you breathe in and deflate it as you breathe out.
  • Don't imagine how much it is going to hurt when you go. Try to clear your mind of expectations of pain and either think about something else (like your breathing) or picture the infection, flowing smoothly and painlessly from your body.

Don't beat yourself up if you can't relax, when you are in pain it is very hard to concentrate on anything but that!

Dysuria is one of the most recognisable and common symptoms of a bladder infection however it can be the result of other things, so if you are worried, it is best to see your doctor, naturopath or healthcare provider.

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