by Edina
(Nottingham UK)

My fiancée and I split up and he went to live 100 miles away because his dad wanted him back (my boyfriend is 57) We made attempts to get back together as I love him dearly. But it took over a year to get back on track with a long distance relationship. I am very healthy, exercise, eat a plant based diet, never use soap or chemicals around this sensitive area. But we see each other approximately every two weeks and every time I get terrible cystitis. I've tried all the natural remedies and finally succumbed to antibiotics...they didn't work!

I'm still not sure about my boyfriend as he has not mentioned moving back or even getting engaged again. His dad has him now, running him about, shopping, trips out etc.
And yes, I am pissed off. Our sex is great but what if I didn't have sex, would he still want me?
So there is the crux of the issue. How do I let go of this anger and resentment without feeling I've got acid inside of me.
My boyfriend tells me he loves me and treats me well but I know its the unspoken feelings about his demanding father. I don't want to lose him but my health is more important.

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