Yes, very much. I was in an affair with an unavailable partner. He was having his fantasies and sexual needs met (as was I, it was amazing but that was because of the nature of any affair - no affair is unique) whilst my emotional needs from him were lacking. It was an affair on his terms and his time frames. I wrote many emails to say what I wanted but never sent them and then one day 2 months ago, decided to end the affair forever.

I was merely the unpaid sex worker and accept I allowed that to happen.

I was getting UTI's every time we met up. I was sometimes able to clear them by myself (positive energy flow and affirmations) or with antibiotics. I wondered if my body was trying to tell me something and to move on out of this frustrating existence or was it just that we were having so much sex?

I now know from Louise Hay - it was my body telling me to let go of the relationship and heal my need to have an affair in the first place.

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