got my life back after numerous bladder and kidney infections using d-mannose

by Jane Rees
(Worcester UK)

Reading the stories here brings it all back to me. After catching a parasite on holiday and after taking lots of antibiotics I was left with getting a bladder infection on an almost weekly basis. Eventually the infection went straight to my kidneys. i could not touch alcohol, acidic food, get tired and sex was a no go area. I lost a lot of weight and was constantly ill and exhausted. In the end even the strongest antibiotics stopped working and I was suffering from the side effects of taking those.

In desperation I searched the internet and found d-mannose in a powder form. I never took antibiotics again. I took it a few times a day for around 4 months (this was as I had interstitial cystitis by then) Afterwards and now I just take the powder when I feel a twinge. For a year or 2, I took d-mannose before or after sex but no longer need to.

Friends knew how ill I had been and I had people ringing me from all over the country asking my advice.

Recently I decided to set up a company in my spare time, selling d-mannose in the UK called Pure & Me. I have sourced the purest source of d-mannose I could find, manufactured in the EU. It feels great to help people get their lives back. One of the reasons I set it up was to give money to charity each year and generate funds for that. There are other products that helped me and I plan to introduce those over the next few months.

My doctor and consultant could not believe how I recovered though it did take a few months. At one point they discussed taking my bladder out! After 6 months of taking d-mannose I had to have a cystoscopy and there was no evidence of any scarring which suprised the consultant after my history.

My message is don't give up, find what works for you. I have put a list below of other things that really helped me. Now I get an infection only if I am very run down or ill with something else but fortunately I now know how to treat it so don't need antibiotics. However if you suspect a kidney infection you must go and seek medical help.

Things that helped;

D-mannose to prevent or if I get an attack every 3 hours in a weak cup of tea. To get the best use of d-mannose take it in the middle of the night so it can really concentrate in your bladder. I prefer the powder to the tablets when the need is urgent.

Drink plenty of water but not just before or after d-mannose so it can concentrate in your bladder.

Homeopath remedy, berberis vulgaris, you can get this in chemists, if I get an attack I take these every few hours it helps flush it out.

A pint of hot water and lemon every morning, this is the easiest way to alkalise the system. I also drink lots of hot water and lemon during an attack as I prefer this to baking soda which used to make me feel a bit queasy for some reason.

Change your diet to alkaline foods as much as possible which is why I have included these on my website

If you take antibiotics still take the d-mannose it will help flush it out, also take a very good probiotic from a health shop. You can tell a good probiotic as the health shop will store them in the refrigerated section and this is where you should keep them.

As I got thrush as a side effect of all the antibiotics I discovered colloidal silver spray which I would just spray onto the affected area. I also took colloidal silver orally when I had kidney infections.

Oregano oil can help for those whose infection is not being caused by e-coli. Though 90 per cent of infections are caused by e-coli.
Oregano oil is a powerful natural antibiotic. Take a few drops in milk or dilute in a food oil. It is strong tasting but if you get a good brand the effect can be very powerful. I now use this for all sorts of infections and it is a staple in my medicine box.

I hope this helps where ever you are in the world and that you get better.

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