Heart attack reaction

by JD

I'm awake reading this after 5 days of a UTI. I have not had one in years and this time I even have blood in the urine. My husband had a heart attack requiring his second stent. I found out in ER that he'd had slight chest pain for 2 days. The morning after he was admitted I woke up with a burning sensation and blood in the urine. I pulled out some cranberry capsules and have been taking them very regularly since. I initially attributed it to polishing off all the peppermint bark candy the night before. I'd eaten way too much sugar over the holidays. Uncharacteristic for me. This last binge was part of my effort to get all the sugar out of the house so we could focus on a healthier diet. His belly has grown so large. But the peppermint bark was too tasty to throw out! Now I'm reading this looking for insights on an infection that has resisted all home treatment. Am I angry at him for ignoring the symptoms? For letting his belly get so fat? For the large amounts of bread and crackers he consumes? For all the Diet Pepsi he's been drinking since he eliminated alcohol in June? Maybe I am. My own weight fluctuates and I don't get enough exercise but I keep working at it. Maybe I am pissed off at him.

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