I was so fed up I wanted someone to cut my throat

by Bev
(Queensland Australia)

I have suffered from bladder infections ever since I had breast cancer in 1998 and I couldn't take HRT anymore. I had an early menopause when I was 33, (genetic, my mum at 28, my aunt at 33 and my daughter at 35). I am so over it, lately I have an infection every month so I have to resort to antibiotics, side effects from that such as stiff neck on Alprim, and extremely ill on Macrodantin just a few days ago, and of course thrush everytime, so more creams and yogurt and Inner health products which cost me a furtune. I am heading for Hiptrex for the rest of my life . I am now 68 and can do without all this. I am about to try apple cider Vinigar (2 teaspns. in a cup of water daily, I am hoping that will work. I am also washing myself in the shower now with QV wash. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have tried cranberry tablets, juice (useless).

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Jul 02, 2016
How is it going now?
by: Anonymous

Your story rang a bell with me and my situation.

WOndering how things are going for you now. Has anything given you relief? I hope so! I feel for you.

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