Let your new doctor know what antibiotics you have been prescribed for UTI/Bladder infections

by Cheryl

I have had recurrent bladder infections since I was 16. I too would go to the lake, get out, pull on a pair of jeans or shorts and party with the gang until everyone went home. So, your story about changing out of your wet swimsuit rang home with me. Also holding it in to long telling yourself I will go in a few minutes, only to have the phone ring or forget you hadn't let the dog back inside all the while holding in the bacteria has been my biggest problem. I work with clients all day, so the phone calls can turn into one to two hours and it is really bad business to tell a client that you have to go pee but will call them back. I finally learned how to use the mute button on my phone if the conversation would be that long. I finally had to make it a habit of letting that phone call go to voice mail as we all know know it only takes a couple of minutes to go pee, and you can return that call quickly. If I had a very slight accident in my panties, I would wait until that evening to change. Now I change right away. I have a bit of incontinence along with my bladder infections. So lifestyle changes, even as slight as they seem can make a huge difference. I was a huge coffee drinker. I would drink from early in the morning until late at night. I now only drink one or two cups, still antagonizing my symptoms, but I am trying to cut down. I would go all day without drinking any water as I was drinking 8-9 cups of coffee a day, so of course I thought I was getting a cup of water in each coffee cup. So the subject/title of this is stay with one doctor and give your doctor the lists of prescription medicines you have been on. Now I will explain what I mean. I would hop around from doctor to doctor as I also have other issues hoping to find that fast miracle cure. I recently changed doctors and really like my new doctor. Before I had a first appointment with her, I typed up some short notes, but also went to the pharmacy to have them print out a list of prescriptions going back 18 months and gave to her. Two weeks later, today to be exact, I called and told them I think I might have another UTI. Had I not given her the list of previous antibiotics, she was going to prescribe Bactrim again, as I was sitting in her office explaining my symptoms, she happened to look at the list I left her on another visit and quickly changed from the Bactrim to Cipro. She said I had been prescribed Bactrim 4 times in two months. Her office was closed this weekend, so I made a trip to the emergency clinic dreading to see the same doctor. He told me I did not have a UTI and that more than likely I had over active bladder and refused to prescribe me any antibiotics, but instead gave me a very expensive sample pack of another medicine. I asked how long this would take to work and he said a good 8 weeks. I could not imagine the pain for 8 more weeks. I would have been committed to the psychiatric ward. What he gave me was not an antibiotic, but a muscle relaxer. I took one and my heart was racing, boom, boom boom. I didn't take anymore. Luckily two days later it is now Monday and I got in to see my regular doctor. She listened to my symptoms, said you may in fact have over active bladder, but I suspect another UTI, so let's try the antibiotic and see if your symptoms go away or next step is to see a urologist. My doctor today told me to get 100 percent cranberry juice, not Ocean Spray or anything with 10 percent juice, but the real thing. Yes, it is strong, but tolerable. She said to alternate between water and the cranberry juice. I can only swing a 1/2 cup of the cranberry juice at a time. I have also been told marshmallow root helps with the pain until the antibiotic kicks in, so I've ordered that. I have only had burning one other time, but usually just a dull pain in the back and a lot of pressure in my pelvis. I also recently had a kidney stone and I believe it was caused by all the Bactrim I had been prescribed by not drinking enough water while taking it. On the bottle it says drink plenty of water, but it doesn't say why. I looked up why on the internet and the reason is if you do not drink a lot of water while taking Bactrim it can cause kidney stones! I recently ordered some D-Mannose to take as I had read that if you think you have a UTI/Bladder infection, but the urine tests come back negative, there is still a chance that the bacteria has clung to your bladder and made a home there and it will not come out in your pee or show up on the urine tests. I asked my doctor if that were true, she said that is why I want you to drink pure cranberry juice as the cranberry juice will not let the bacteria cling to your bladder walls, so hopefully any bacteria that didn't show up on the urine tests, the cranberry juice will dislodge it. Still hoping that is the case. So, yes, drink more water. I find it relatively boring to drink water unless I am working in the yard or something, so I am now adding lemon slices, orange slices, and anything that will give it a bit of flavor.

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