by Lola
(United Kingdom)

This is absolutely spot on. I had a bout of cystitis last night that came out of nowhere which I have not had for years. Recently I have been controlled financially by a toxic person. The last time I had cystitis was when I was in a relationship, an unhappy one, in which I was afraid to speak my mind because he had tantrums, and during that period this was a phase of recurrent cystitis. If I went to the doctor for antibiotics it would just keep coming back. When I left that relationship it went away and I never got it since, until I was acknowledging the recent situation. I had been listening to an audio that helps to release subconscious blockages repressed feelings and negativity last night and the day before. Several hours before the bout of cystitis came on, for no reason I had a thought remembering a conversation I had with somebody back in the stressful days when I used to frequently get the cystitis attacks when I was with that partner and I remembered she said "You're never gonna know what the cause of it is so just go to the doctor and get some tablets or take something for it and shut up about it". We are not just a mechanical body with separate parts, we are mind body and spirit, it is all connected. I hope this is of help.

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