looking at myself silly me!!

by Debi

This is truly amazing! I've been battling a UTI and bladder infection for just over a
Month now.
I had just moved in with roommates. The dynamics within this household are very
Interesting. Mom and 30 yr old son. The son doesn't want to work and has no desire
To to anything but provide his point of view
I started to notice his mother catering to his needs
I left my husband 9 years ago (long story. made very short, I didn't meet his parents until after we were married. and I didn't get to know them until seven years later. Silly me! )

I watched As both moms cater to their sons back then I felt useless, he didn't need me anymore his mom took care of everything
It was a very interesting observation before I read this article

Now to top it all off

I'm paying my own bills for the 1st time in a very long time,
along with that
I'm in the process of Building 2 different businesses. Neither in profit mode yet one is barely getting me by
The other is launching soon.

So in reading this I can completely believe that it's bladder related.
So I can now just observe the situation and not internalize it
And really focus on becoming financially independent, soooo close.
I'm so grateful for this lesson!!

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