Meet Patty - my bladder. UTIs have become so common place in my name, I've named her.

by Chieko
(United States)

Patty is the name of my bladder. I talk about her so often with my partner, family and friends due to the near monthly bladder infections I get. I have missed many events, loads of work and life experiences because Patty was unwell or in fear of it.

My UTI stories parallel many of your stories. I've spent so much time in medical facilities while traveling on vacation, spent a horrific 8 hour flight across the pacific with an infection, avoided situations where there's little access to a bathroom... I'm sure many of you can relate.

I feel like I've tried everything. I've been poked, scoped, prodded - you name it. I've seen dozens of doctors from urologists, naturopaths, acupuncturists...anyone who might help me. The most success I've had was the year I took a leave of absence from my job and went on a very strict anti-candida diet. I did it for one year and only had a couple infections that year - I think due to a huge reduction in stress from the job and the huge improvement in my diet, but it was an unsustainable model. I eventually had to go back to work and the anti-candida diet was too strict to make it realistic in the real world.

Eventually, my infections started to come back, more frequent every year. This last year has been an extremely stressful one, and I had over 15 infections. My immune system has taken a hit from all the antibiotics I've had to take over the past 15 years of having infections. While I have found no "cure" that works for me yet, I'm still optimistic to try your recommended treatment.

Here are some of the things that have helped me at various levels to prevent:
1. Always peeing after sex, being very hygienic with sex, avoid aggressive sex
2. Always showering after sex and washing with a product called Healthy Hoo Hoo (PH balanced soap with no fragrance for women to wash their hoo hoos without harsh chemicals)
3. Taking D-Mannose supplements. I used to do this just after sex, but have now bumped it up to taking it 3 times a day to prevent infections. It has helped some.
4. Eliminating gluten and dairy. Though I am very tempted to go back to try the anti-candida diet again.
5. In Europe, there is a vaccine-like medication that I've tried called URO-VAXOM. It cured my sister-in-law from bladder infections. While it did help some, it did not cure me. Despite some harsh side-effects, I'm considering trying this medication again.
6. Try to manage stress - there has been a direct correlation to the amount of stress in my life and the number of infections I get.

Here are some practices and cures that have helped me:
1. Taking loads of D-Mannose when I feel an infection coming on. I have been successful flushing out the infection about 50% of the time. Other times it goes into full-blown infection and I take antibiotics.
2. Always have a bottle of antibiotics in the fridge - because UTIs always come-on at the most inconvenient of times.
3. Always travel with anti-biotic that I am familiar with. Once I had to take some mysterious pills from a lady who spoke no English on a little island off of Thailand. She didn't do a urine test and I wasn't even sure if she understood that I had a bladder infection. While it was scary, I felt I had no other choice to try it - thankfully it worked!

What I'm considering trying next:
1. Another round of the vaccine - Uro-Vaxom
2. Just ordered UriCare on-line
3. Revisiting the anti-candida diet to boost my immune system

Thank you for posting your site and sharing your story. Sometimes I get so discouraged and feel so hopeless to find a cure, even though I know a strong mental state helps keep my immune system stronger.

Good health to you all!

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Mar 29, 2018
Uromune NEW
by: Emma

there is a new vaccine called uromune that is better than uro vaxom. maybe you can try with that

Jun 24, 2016
Great idea
by: Anonymous

Great post

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