Mrs. Dieter Boeck

by Nora
(Grayslake, IL)

I was in a car accident on January 6th. I fractured my sternum through this accident. The seat belt held me fast thus fracturing my sternum. On January 9th I was to have surgery on my foot, This surgery was canceled because of the fracture. I was very, very upset. I was all prepared for the surgery, ready to go into the operating room when it was canceled. I had a melt down and my nerves were on edge. As far as I know, I have never had a UTI, however, I now have a bacterial UTI, which I feel was caused by the accident. The medication they had prescribed has a history of ruptured tendons. I have a tear in a tendon on the left side of my ankle. (not caused by the accident). I have been in ER approximately 5 times because of this accident. My nerves are shot. I feel the cause of this UTI is because of the stress I have had in the past month. Actually when you get right down to it my whole body has suffered because of stress

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