my exact problem

by helena

i've had uti for a few wks now, i tried every bit of natural remedy (goldenseal, d-mannose, vit c, blueberries, baking soda, apple cider vinegar..) because i believed it would just 'go away'. it hasn't. my husband told me about louise hay when we first met, & when i initially heard her theories, i thought they were crazy. but what's mentioned in this article is exactly my story. we've just moved to our own home & since it's my husband that works, he seems to expect that i do everything in the house. i have been the only 1 painting, & 95% of the time the 1 that cleans, cooks, takes care of our baby, i do gardening, carry & put together heavy furniture, wash & fold our clothes, wash the dishes, grocery shop, & have been trying to organize the innumerable kitchenware my mom bought from goodwill, which takes up most of our garage space. Today, my uti was exceptionally painful & guess what? Today was a day when I just really hated my husband, I couldn't stop thinking about how unfair he's been, how I'm so done with his behavior, how he works 2 jobs (i'm still waiting for work authorization), & yet we never seem to have enough money because he's not careful with money. This really does make perfect sense. I prayed & repeated to myself the positive mantra I read in some of the comments, & hopefully my gp visit & these mantras help my uti go away.

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