The natural cure for bladder infections that has changed my life

This natural cure for bladder infections is not actually why I went to the naturopath that day.

I was so fed up I must have stomped into that store with the most awful expression on my face. I am surprised the woman behind the counter even wanted to serve me!

I was on my way to the doctors, again. After having to leave work early, again. Nearly in tears from the pain of a bladder infection, again.

After repeated bladder infections I knew the drill. Go the doctors. Go to the pharmacy. Take antibiotics and wait for a couple of hours until the bladder infection goes away. I was simply stopping off at the naturopath on the way to get probiotics to hopefully prevent me getting the all too common thrush that often came after the antibiotics.

When I explained to the naturopath why I wanted the probiotics, she did her best to persuade me not to go to the doctor and to try this homeopathic medicine instead.

The homeopathic medicine for bladder infections which helped me break the bladder infection cycle
Naturopathic Medicine for bladder infections

To say I was sceptical is an understatement. I felt like I had already tried everything and I really didn't have money to be throwing around.

But I decided to take a chance – mainly because I was so sick of getting thrush from antibiotics.

I still kept my appointment at the doctors and got the antibiotics but... I didn't take them.

I decided I would give the natural cure for bladder infection until my bed time to work. If there was no improvement in those next few hours, I would take the antibiotics.

I no longer take antibiotics for bladder infections

I ended up throwing those antibiotics out and I haven't taken any since.

Without fail this medicine has worked at curing my bladder infections everytime I have used it. Because it is natural I feel ok about taking it when I need it. If I ever feel the beginings of a bladder infection coming on I take it and 90% of the time the bladder infection never even starts.

I have tried other things that are a natural cure for bladder infections and many of them have worked but nothing has been as consistently effective as this treatment.

While it may sound a little melodramatic to say that this treatment changed my life, it actually did. Once I had a way to quickly and easily get rid of the bladder infections that were starting to run my life, I was able to spend more time working on how to prevent them in the first place. It led me on a whole new path of health and wellness, that has captured my imagination and improved my life.

This natural cure for bladder infections is a thin black liquid and it tastes awful. The instructions say to dilute it with water to take. I usually dilute it in as little water as I can and shoot it back, chasing with enough water to get rid of the taste.

The homeopathic medicine for bladder infections which helped me to no longer use antibiotics
Uricare - it tastes awful but it works

The ingredients listed are buchu, cornsilk, echinacea and liquorice. Each of these has healing properties. Buchu and cornsilk especially have been used to treat bladder infections traditionally for a long time.

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