Why water is the best natural remedy for bladder infections

The best natural remedy for bladder infections is the most simple, which probably shouldn't be a surprise. There are ton's of natural remedies for bladder infections, a lot of which I have used with great success. Cranberry extract, homeopathic medicines, different herbs and concoctions - many of them work and work well.

But all of these natural remedies work best when used with the added healing power of water.

Water is a natural and effective way to prevent and cure bladder infections
Water is natural and effective


It's doesn't get more natural than drinking water. The human body can only survive 3 days without water but can go much longer without food. We are something like over half water. It makes sense to drink.

Prevention and Cure

Water can be both a prevention and a cure and a pain relief for bladder infections. Ensuring you get enough water, helps to prevent bladder infections. If you are suffering from a bladder infection, water is one of the best ways to minimise your pain by diluting your urine. Often water alone can cure a bladder infection.

Water can be used as a preventative and a cure
Water is the fix-all

Easy to get

For most of us, reading this, water is a pretty easy thing to get hold of. It runs cleanly from our taps, we can buy it in bottles from the corner shop and work places usually have clean filtered cold water available. This is one of the reasons it is the best natural remedy for bladder infections - it is just so easy to get hold of.

However I know in some countries it is pretty hard to get clean, fresh drinking water - one of life's essentials.

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If you are drinking a lot of water as a natural remedy for a bladder infection and have not got any results here is what to try:

Seasalt: Add one teaspoon of seasalt to your glass of water, stir till dissolved and drink.

Seasalt dissolved in water can help you get your salinity back to regular if necessary.
Use Seasalt not table salt and dissolve in water

It has been noted that seasalt can interfere with the bacteria causing bladder infections. By drinking too much water, you can actually reduce the salinity of the bodies natural makeup making it more suseptible to the infection. So adding a little seasalt can make a big difference.

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