Neutrogenic bladder

by mandy boss
(NSW Australia Bluehaven)

I’ve had reoccurring bladder infections, stress also, from moving house, I’ve had 3 weeks off to recuperate, but still the bladder infection. It was mild to start with, but now I’m on my 3rd lot of antibiotics. I’m having back ache, headache, the kitters from being nervy with it all, urgency incontinence. This is due to years ago having Cancer and having radiation internally, giving me scar tissue. Now the tissue has hardened and is causing the bladder to spasm. I’m on numerous drugs to help it, patches to hold off urge, anti-depressants and supposedly they are also pain relief but does not seem to be helping.
Tonight I’ve had loose bowels, back ache, stomach pain, lower pelvic pain and weeing excessively, to me it could be the antibiotics causing the loose bowel motions.
I’m on probiotics to build immune system up, and Vit C, and magnesium, and estragon twice a week. I feel like a time bomb, the urgency incontinence h as been getting worse, but now I have uncontrollable leak and can’t hold it. Because of the house move, well out it this way its not helped the overall situation. Any feedback here, I’m being sent to the royal nth shore hospital pain clinic, I’m having a pelvic ultrasound next week, and also daily urine samples to look for cancer cells. This is alleviating any major sources, so really not sure what this could be, I’m not pissed off with anyone at present, I don’t have a partner nor live with anyone, only my daughter.
Mandy oh and s, my gynaecologist said it was the above, Neurogenic Bladder

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