I too have been getting recurring bladder infections. And, they only happen when I am in a relationship.
It angers me. Why me? why do I know so many woman who have sex and don't get them? who have horrible hygiene habits and don't get them?
Looking for an alternative reason, aside from medical explanations, I found your article and I must say, I have every single emotional cause. Wow.
I have stress issues, a lot. Anger with my husband for lack of discipline in our expenses, and money fears to the point that I have been worrying because I constantly feel my stomach tight and sometimes I don't know why. I re-hash things over and over and over again until I get mad AGAIN, sometimes for the fifth time for things that happen months ago.
I was so upset and angry 15 minutes ago when I started getting the symptoms again because I do take care of my health. Constantly. This is a wake-up call.
Thank you.

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