peeing razor blades

by Corrin
(West yorkshire)

Hi all, first of i want to say thanks to everyone who has written on here. It is amazing to see how many others go through the same thing i do nearly every month! If your like me you will of found this page one morning/afternoon sat on the loo waiting for your burning pain to subside, typing into google that uti's are ruining your life! You end up sitting for hours reading through different stories, threads and articles. Even considering trying all the different natural remedies (even though alot dont work -youve tried them before!) but you would give anything. Anything not to feel this horrible pain anymore. Reccuring chronic cystitis has been a lonely problem for me. I remember being 13 when i got my first uti and i couldnt sleep the pain was so bad. I have spent much of my childhood sat in a hot bath trying to subside the pain. My mum would tell me i was being ridiculous and just wanted a day off school (typical). I have missed work, missed partys, missed meals -how terrible! And i have just missed being normal, i wish this didnt happen to me every month without fail. It is so hard to explain to someone the constant battle you have with uti's. It is a very overlooked and underestimated problem, which is understandable. People probably think oh its just cystitis get over it, NO! I literally feel like im peeing razors! Im terrified of using the toilet sometimes, i sit in tears and pray to a god i dont believe in. I have had numerous tests and tried every contraception going, every wives tale and home remedies, loads of them god awful cystitis releif sachets (disgusting). And i am fed up fed up fed up. The onl y useful thing i can do is sit with a hot watebottle against my snatch waiting for the pain to leave me. So if your reading this thinking yep thats me, then you are not alone. Sometimes its nice to know your not the only person suffering. So yeah thats me, thursday morning, late for work, sat with a hot water bottle and litre of cranberry juice, waiting to have this pain go. yipee

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