3 quick and easy tips for preventing bladder infections

It's one thing to get rid of bladder infection quickly, but what you really want is to be preventing bladder infections so you don't have to ever go through that again!

When I was suffering from recurring bladder infections, I found one of the hardest things was not knowing what had caused them. As it turned out it was normally a mixture of things, making it tricky to pinpoint and correct for the future.

There are a lot of things you can do to prevent bladder infections but here are 3 easy to do tips that you can put in practice straight away:

Pee straight after sex:

I know it sux... but it is so so much better than peeing blood! The sooner after sex the better. A quick pee and even a quick wipe with a clean damp flannel does wonders.

During sex its easy bacteria from one place ending up where it shouldn't. Going to the toilet straight away helps to make sure that any bacteria or fungi that may have gone up the peehole have been shot back out again before they can do any damage.


I noticed I was always getting bladder infections at the worst times - when I was away on holiday! Then I noticed a connection about not having regular access to a shower and it all clicked

For bladder infection prevention I have to shower at least once a day, sometimes twice, occasionally three. I know for some people that's not an issue and the worst that would happen to them is that they would smell. I'm not big fan of being stinky but at least it doesn't hurt. Bladder infections do!

It is important to shower after the gym or exercise - don't hang around in your sweaty gear too long. Remember bacteria likes moist, damp places - which is exactly what your crotch is after all that zumba you just did!

For bladder infection prevention, I would also recommend not spending all day in your swimsuit. Wearing them at the beach or the pool is fine, but don't then go wear them under your clothes as you hit the town for the night.


Drink lots of water:

Water is the best because it is both a cure and a prevention, not to mention it minimises the pain.

I know! I know! People say this all the time, you're over it! I'm over it! But with bladder infections the more good liquid you have going through the body, the better.

A lot of people are chronically dehydrated - not realising how much water they really need to keep their bodies flowing properly.

Do you struggle to drink water? Here are my top tips for drinking more water.

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