Recovery from UTI.

by Lizzie
(Lincoln, UK)

Hello there.

I have been fortunate enough to only have two bladder infections in my life; one, ten years ago at the age of 15 and one last week.

I'm in the UK, and the infection began early on a Sunday morning, so I attended an out of hours clinic where my urine sample was tested and also sent away to be cultured in the hospital laboratory.

I was given a weeks course of nitrofurantoin. By Wednesday the urinary symptoms were improved but I had flank pain so went back to the doctor and was given a different antibiotic, trimethoprim, which is supposedly more effective at killing off bacteria moving up into my kidneys.

The flank pain ceased relatively quickly but I was overwhelmed by the constant urge to urinate. I completed the antibiotics and returned to the doctor, terrified about what was going on. This urge isn't painful, but it's so irritating and distracting. My doctor was very thorough, he requested more samples be taken and tested both in the surgery and in the lab. He then addressed my fears about there being something else wrong, for example interstitial cystiris or pelvic floor dysfunction...

Basically, my doctor said, you've had an infection in a very sensitive part of your body and even though the infection is going, the bladder still needs time to heal. It is quite possibly still inflamed and irritated and that is why you have this discomfort/urge.

My question is, have other ladies experienced this? Has it taken other people a bit of time for your bladder to be 'back to normal'??

I'm such a worrier, any experiences will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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