Two easy to miss signs of bladder infection

While most people know the common symptoms of bladder infections, there are some early warning signs of bladder infections that are much easier to miss.

One of the most recognisable symptoms of bladder infection is dysuria or the "hurts when I pee" sensation. This is often described as feeling like razor blades in your urethra. However before you get to this stage, there is an easy to miss sign of bladder infection.

Feeling uncomfortable

One of the signs of an oncoming bladder infection is a slight uncomfortable feeling in your nether regions. It is really easy to miss as it is only a slight discomfort. Often it can feel like constipation or a "full" feeling. It is a subtle pressure throughout the pubic area.

This sign of bladder infection is very easy to miss and also easy to dismiss. Especially if you often suffer from other similar feeling symptoms, often related to IBS, period pain or other similar feelings that affect the gut.

But if you notice this feeling and you are susceptible to bladder infections, it might be a good time to take some precautions against the bladder infection developing further, like drinking lots of water.

Feeling Off

Another sign of bladder infection or possible bladder infection is irritability or not feeling quite yourself personality wise.

This is something I have often noticed in hindsight. I have felt "off" all morning – like something wasn't quite right with me. Struggling to concentrate, a little bit emotional but nothing too major. And then bang, a bladder infection hits and I realise that it was developing for a couple of hours before the symptoms showed up.

Both of these signs of bladder infection are difficult to pick up in time to make a difference. Bladder infections are known for striking fast. These symptoms are subtle and difficult to distinguish from just feeling crappy.

But awareness is another clue to preventing bladder infections.

If I have been doing some of the things that I know can trigger bladder infections in me, I become more aware that a bladder infection is possible. Then if these two easy to miss signs of bladder infection happen I begin to think about how to avoid a bladder infection.