Something to Ponder ~

I am convinced now that OVERWHELM is a big part of a bladder problem called Interstitial Bladder or Hypersensitive Bladder etc. and that it isn't the same as Bladder Infection although the medical profession hasn't caught up with it yet (lots on the web though). I recently had a very overwhelming day (pretty much all good things but certainly adrenaline rousing) and ended up with a cold, followed by yet another bladder problem. But I fixed it without antibiotics and even read now that they shouldn't be taken for this challenge. I don't want to over-talk about this likely being a side effect of having a sensitive nervous system (as described in Elaine Aron's book Highly Sensitive People) but as both Interstitial Bladder and the highly sensitive trait are both somewhat recently discovered by the medical community and the percentages are about the same, I think you should consider this possibility.

Overwhelm is your problem. Not particularly anger. Dr. Northrup probably had never heard of Interstitial Bladder. And cranberry juice is one of the worst things to take for it. I have changed my diet a lot since I read about histamines.

I guess the primary reason I'm writing you is that I wanted to tell you to be careful of perfumed toilet paper (very bad news), and to use pure soap and be careful when rinsing shampoo from your hair.

All the best from me in Canada ~

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