Spinal injury causing repeated UTIs

by Brian

I'm a male who has had 10 infections this year.
9 years a go I was injured from a rare auto immune condition that destroyed the protective lining of my spinal nerves.
I do not have to self cath as many who have this do.However collection is needed in the eve when sleeping.

For years 1 or 2 UTIs a year would occour and that goes with the territory. This year Drs are only prescribing biopics and are not getting to the root. Biopics are no answer and if over used can cause C-dif. After reading this article it dawned on me there is a real possibility that unconscious directives of anger could be working in the background.The power of positive and negative thoughts has been proven to effect the body drastically.Holding in anger and deep resentment is akin to producing corrosive acid,that will eventually damage the immune system.

It sounds quite logical to voice you concerns to your partner and if the medical world keeps tossing biotic scripts your way change your emotional diet,and feed it positive love filled directives everyday.
Try it it certainly can not hurt.

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