Three in ONE month!

by Laurie
(Mpls, MN USA)

I am a 53 year old woman who, in the past, didn't have that many bladder infections; But, something has changed in my body. I have now been diagnosed with my THIRD UTI in ONE month! It is a strain (they say it's strep) that typically pregnant women get. Well, I have had my kids and no longer that the 'parts' down there that would allow me to produce/carry babies. Besides UTIs, I was recently diagnosed with binge eating, a disorder I have never been associated with. Yes, I have had issues with not eating right, like many people, but now I constantly grab and eat even when I am stuffed! I have no control. Not sure if these two have anything in common. But, stress is a biggie in my life. It seems that there have been more stressful and confusing fights with my spouse, which has caused a lot of stress.

I have been prescribed five different antibiotics for my UTIs for my three infections in the past month. Why five? Because the immediate drug, then after the culture comes back from the lab, they see that the strain is a much worse strain and switch me to another drug.

I have always been really good about drinking lots of water, but over the past month my body doesn't have the desire, so it's been difficult to get the water down. The downfall of that? Well, my body has been dehydrated for the past month, I have been urinating far too much, and then of course my body is then lacking water, so I try and get more in, but I pee it out. Then with dehydration comes the massive leg cramps.

I am going to follow the many informative tips to try and get rid of the UTIs. Then maybe it will also help with my eating, and finally my dehydration.

I am fortunate to have found your web!

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