Why treating a bladder infection is about treating yourself well

When treating a bladder infection, the idea of popping a pill and just getting on with your life sounds pretty good right? But a bladder infection can be your bodies way of sounding the alarms that it needs a little more TLC.

The human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and recover, often all it needs is to be left alone long enough to do it. If you want to get rid of a bladder infection as quickly as possible, allowing your body to heal itself is one of the best things you can do, alongside your other treatment.

Boost your immune system

Giving your body the tools it needs to fight off disease and infection is vital to not only treating a bladder infection but also preventing future ones.

Fresh, raw, organic fruit and vegetables are the most obvious way to increase our vitamin intake. Drinking smoothies and eating salads is a great way to get these into your diet.

Sometimes we are not able to absorb enough vitamins and minerals on our own due to insufficient quality foods and our bodies ability to draw these nutrients in. Taking vitamin supplements can really boost your bodies ability to fight infection and disease.

Whenever I feel run down and I know I haven't been eating enough fruit and veges I take a high dosage of vitamin C. I know it has helped to shorten the length of bladder infections in the past and sometimes prevents them if I feel one coming on.

The other option that has really helped me has been taking a probiotic. By restoring your stomachs balance it is more able to process the vitamins from the food you are feeding it. Often probiotics can help not just your stomach but right through your system and help move along some of the bacteria causing the bladder infection.

When treating a bladder infection, make sure to avoid anything high in sugar as this can aggravate the problem.


Treating a bladder infection with sleep may sound a little like asking the impossible but I know from personal experience how valuable sleep can be.

The best time to try to sleep is just after taking a dose of whatever you are treating a bladder infection with. Go for one last toilet stop, have a little more water and make sure you are dressed warmly enough.

Now is not the time to think about relationship problems, work or anything that stresses you out. Turn off the lights, focus on keeping a slow, steady rythym to your breathing and know that when you wake up you will feel better. Try to resist going to the bathroom if you can but don't hurt yourself.

If you wake up and need to go the toilet, that is fine. If you can, come back and try to sleep again.

One of the greatest things I have learnt in treating bladder infections is how amazing and resiliant our bodies are. I know now how important it is to allow my body to have what it needs to stay healthy and happy.

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