true for me.

I never in my life had a UTI..
Until about 3-4 months ago and it's still coming back.
It's very true for me that i used to rethink and hold on and need every little argument to be resolved. So its easy to think that could have caused it.
During the time ive had this UTI, i gradually found more and more mental peace, despite lack of physical comfort and constant bladder irritation :(
And as my thoughts and habbits got better, the uti did disappear atleast for a few weeks. Until of course we had another fight and like clockwork it came back. When it disappeared i thought it was due to my high vitamin c dose....but during the fights and stress it didnt work as well.
So that really points to a non physical cause. Its hard to believe how any illness could survive all the remedies ive thrown at it.

Where im at now, although still in physical pain, mentally i am at peace and i just naturally came to the decision or habit of just letting the garbage go. I Thought, if i really just want to have a happy future, lets just focus on becoming better and focus on the future. A mistake is a mistake, but you can become better, things and people do change, and negative things should definitely be left in the past or just completely crumbled to dust.
After a few bad fights that go on for days, it really becomes easier to let it go. Because once its good again, its like nursing a beautiful flower back to health. Youve got to be gentle, but most of all you really just want to see it flourish.
I'm looking forward to my physical catching up with my positive mental.

It's such a horrible thing to deal with a uti for months.
I wish everyone dealing with one shall recover quickly and find mental and physical peace.

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