Two years of consistent UTI

by Marcia

I'm 55 years old- when I was 16 I got my first bladder infection, by the time I was 29 I was averaging at the very least 4-5 UTIs a year-so off to a urologist I was sent. I had a bladder biopsy done under general anesthesia as they had to distend the bladder- bingo!!... Interstitial cystitis found.. I can't tell you how many times I was given antibiotics without a urine culture being done prior to the biopsy. I then went through a series of having my bladder Catherized and filled up with something called DMSO , this burned my bladder and left me giving off an odor of garlic and creamed corn for hours after, so embarrassing to go back to work in a small office and stink.
I eventually learned to live with bladder pain, and got use to having to run to the bathroom at best four times an hour, avoid certain foods in my diet that would make the pain more severe and tell the difference between an IC flare up and an actual true UTI .
Fast forward to my 50's, in 2012 I started with back to back UTIs ( cultures done), the bacteria found would vary, these went on to last over two years straight -- I was on antibiotics for over two years! The antibiotics varied from Cipro, Keflex, Levaquin, Bactrim, Macrodantin, and even to ones that could only be given via an injection or IV.
I had a repeat biopsy of my bladder done during this time- again showing interstitial cystitis (IC), more progressed and more scarring since the previous biopsy.
I subsequently developed fibromyalgia and something called AVN in both hips, amongst herniated discs in my back and spinal stenosis. Finally after over 2 years the urine culture came out negative- I was finally able to have one hip replaced but developed pneumonia while in the hospital and out back on antibiotics for four months along with Prednisone and then the UTIs returned.
I'm now on my 7th UTI since January 2016-and I'm so scared I'm back on my way to a two year UTI .
And that's my story.

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Mar 04, 2018
I to for 3+ years NEW
by: Mandy

I have continual kidney stones they can't remove and new ones forming all the time(what a skill)

I have had uti for years. The only way they can stop is via antibiotic on wha restricted list !! Which they won't give me on I have uti.

Really worried about long term effect but no one medical seems bothered.

Jun 06, 2017
IC back and forth UTI
by: Anonymous

Wow! You poor thing. Difficult going between IC and UTI - back and forth. I may actually have IC or Overactive Bladder, but I've had my fair share of UTI's. I hope you find a urologist that can help. I read something about a freeze with IC patients and they say it really works! So, please go to the IC website and try to look up the freeze. I can't think of the exact name for it right now, you can find it on the web by typing the full name IC out and it will bring up a page of the actual organization. Or go onto facebook and find it there. I believe this is where it was mentioned about the "freeze" technique.

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