The bladder infection home remedy in expensive packaging

Ural is a bladder infection treatment sold in pharmacies across the world. Marketed as both a pain releif and a cure for bladder infections, it is one of the most often recommended pharmacy treatments you can find. And while at around $10-$15 for 28 doses it doesn't break the bank, there is a far cheaper alternative likely already in your cupboard.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is the main active ingredient in Ural
Baking Soda - from the pantry

The main ingredient used is sodium bicarbonate or baking soda as it is most commonly known. This household staple is used not just for baking, but also useful for a number of other useful things including cleaning, natural deoderant and home remedies. 500 g of this will set you back around $2-$3 or even less if you shop around.

Baking soda is an old home remedy used for a long time to relieve the pain of bladder infections and also to help cure them. Simply mixing with a little water and drinking will help to relieve the pain of a bladder infection quickly.

Ural and Baking soda work in the same way to relieve the pain of a bladder infection through making the urine more alkaline. If you remember back to high school science you'll remember that alkaline is the opposite end of the spectrum to acid. By reducing the acidity of the urine the pain is lessened.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another key ingredient in Ural
Lemons - cheap and natural

Another key ingredient of Ural is "Citric Acid Anhydrous". This is an acid found in many fruits and veges but most commonly attributed to citrus fruits like lemons and limes. The interesting thing about citrus fruit acids is that while they are acids, they seem to have an alkalinising effect on the body. You may have heard this talked by people doing the alkaline diet.

To take simply squeeze some lemon juice into water and drink. Tastes pretty good and I often drink this, bladder infection or not.

Why I don't use Ural or Baking Soda for Bladder infections anymore

I am incredibly cautious around recommending either alkalinising products as a treatment for bladder infections due to my own experiences. Like many people I have taken Ural when I had a bladder infection and it worked brilliantly at getting rid of the pain. A little too well.

It felt as though my bladder infection was healed completely. But as soon as I stopped taking it the bladder infection came back - and much worse than before.

From what I can tell now, I think that my bladder infection had actually been getting worse the whole time but the alkalinity was masking the symptoms I couldn't tell. I thought I was fine but all the while the infection was having more and more of a toll on my body.

The danger in this is that left unchecked a bladder infection can quickly turn into a kidney infection which can have quite severe long term effects. Not to mention that have an infection in any part of your body is not good for it. The sooner you can get healed the better.

I know that baking soda or antacids can be a cheap and effective way to help with the pain of a bladder infection but I also know that it is very important to keep checking in with your body to make sure that it is getting better too. Its a bit of a catch 22 and that decision can really only be made by you.

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