UTI free for a year and a half now

(Sydney, Australia)

I have had so many infections over the last 10 years I have lost count. I had gotten into a system of realising I had an infection and then taking a urine sample at home. I would begin the antibiotics, book into the doctors and then turn up with the sample and my antibiotics which the doctor would test to see if I had an infection (-I was never wrong) and test to see if the antibiotics I was taking were effective for this UTI. This beat waiting in agony over night or for a couple of hours in the doctors surgery until a doctor could see me....which was pure torture!

I have tried everything mentioned including increasing vitamin c intake, never worn a thong, only cotton underwear, urinate after sex, taking high dose cranberry tablets, ural (although I have always known ural to be used to relieve symptoms rather than to cure an infection) and I have been on numerous courses of antibiotics.

My problem is what they call honeymoon cystitis...in other words I get UTI's following intercourse and unless I drink 1.5-2 litres of water after sex and spend the rest of the night on the loo I will have an infection. I finally got sick of this and went to see a specialist (the things we will put up with to avoid embarrassing conversations!) he said that I get so many infections that the lining of my bladder doesn't have much recovery time in between infections and is easily agitated again. He put me on a low dose of an antibiotic called macrodantin one a day for a few months to give the bladder time to recover....no UTIs for all this time. I then got to the point of only having to have one tablet following intercourse with a glass of water and I haven't had one since.

I know that taking antibiotics isn't a popular treatment for some who prefer natural remedies but remember that infections are not good for your body either...especially repeatedly. They start to get worse and worse. I decided one low dose antibiotic here and there is better than the toll of repeated infections on my body and higher dose of antibiotics to recover from them. I have also had success with Hiprex (over the counter treatment for chronic UTI's ) which flushes the bacteria from the bladder as well and I'm told is used in paraplegic patients and was recommended to me as an alternative to antibiotic treatment...so I'm guessing it's not an antibiotic...

Either way I am now happy to say that I have found some effective preventative treatments for UTI's and they are a thing of the past for me now. I hope this helps some of you to find a solution quicker than I did.

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