UTI's and Anger- it's true!

by Drea

During my 20s, I had so many urinary tract infections I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. When the university health center said I would probably benefit from a stint in my urethra- I said goodbye to allopathy.
Then started what would become a decade long (maybe life long) healing process that included every herb you've ever seen cited for bladder infections, dietary changes, regular acupuncture, and even a few unconventional cures. But of all the things I learned about my body and what I was suffering, the most important part of my healing experience was changing how I dealt with my emotions.
I grew up in a household where screaming was a regular occurrence. By my adolescence, I had an incredibly short temper. Then another problem came- rumination. I could stay mad about events or at people for months, sometimes years. Thing is, I wasn't wholly conscious of it. Some of these people were my closest family members and friends.
It wasn't until all the therapy, meditation, and dietary changes culminated into a complete lifestyle change that my UTIs took a real nose dive. Even then, I made some mistakes. The last couple of times I had a UTI, I ended up in the emergency room with a kidney infection. Luckily, my nurses were mostly understanding about my unwillingness to take antibiotics. Still, those times I left the hospital with that nasty orange bottle of biome killers.
I knew how to get my flora back on track though, and with those experiences I was more dedicated than ever. I made "letting go", radical acceptance, and finding peace within myself and those around me a number one priority.
My life is quieter now, and less rambunctious than it once was. Now feel anger, I don't let anger get me. I regulate my emotions and break it down. I definitely feel that anger is a composite emotion, and that there are always other emotions behind it that need to be addressed.
It still takes work, and I still have to watch my tendency to hold a grudge. The last UTI I had was over 5 years ago, and I'm in my second trimester of pregnancy with NO UTIs to date. I am a healthier person than I was 15 years ago, and I'm also so much happier.

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Jun 23, 2018
Thank you NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing this. I teared up a bit while reading this because it sounds like something I might write to myself 10 years from now. I really resonate with what you shared, and I think it's about time I admit that my emotional health has great power in influencing my physical health. I changed my diet extensively about a year ago which has helped with my bladder health, but I've been avoiding returning to therapy, etc, to fully deal with my mental health. I think this might be the last piece of the puzzle. Again, I really appreciate you sharing, I'm very happy for your health.

All the best.

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