What causes bladder infections

When you ask what causes bladder infections? - the most common answer is E coli – a type of bacteria. Other causes include other bacteria like staphyloccocus, Entereobacter and Klebsiella or Candia Albicans, a yeast. Most healthy people have these micro-organisms in their body. E coli and Candida are both common in the gut where they can happily live without causing us any problems, unless they get out of control.

Bladder infections occur when these micro organisms get from somewhere they are fine to be to somewhere they are not supposed to be – like in your peehole. That is why things like wiping back to front and peeing after sex are so important – to make sure you are not spreading bacteria from once place to another. But what causes bladder infections in people who are being really careful about those things?

"Why do we get infections? There are two theories. The germ theory developed by Pasteur states that bacteria cause infection. The second theory, that of Metchnikoff, holds that infections are the result of a weak host. In truth, both of these factors probably work together to cause infection."

Cindy L.A. Jones from "The Antibiotic Alternative"

There are plenty of people who are extremely vigilant about the spread of germs who still get recurring bladder infections, so there must be another element. And I would say a "weak host" is the most obvious answer.

Bladder infections are amazingly common in hospitals and rest homes. A large part of that is to do with the use of catheters, but another aspect is that the people in these places are usually already sick. Their bodies are already in a weakened state, fighting off illness.

Could it be that a lot of what causes bladder infections, is not so much that the bacteria got to where it shouldn't be, but that it was already there and the body didn't have the strength to fight it off?

For me, when I was suffering from recurring bladder infections, I was not in a rest home or a hospital. Far from it, I was in my early 20's, working, partying, travelling – not exactly in a state of sickness. Yet when I think back, my body was showing other signs of being weakened. I got cold sores, I got every bug that went around and I was prone to things like boils. Ew. Yet I never considered myself a "sick person".

While looking back now I can see that I wasn't healthy and my body was desperately trying to get me to listen, at the time I didn't know any different. I had lived that way for so long that I didn't even know what healthy felt like. I had a weak immune system and I was pushing my body to it's limits. It was cracking by letting bacteria or yeast cling to the walls of my urinary tract and getting bladder infections. Instead of boosting my immune system, I took antibiotics, which killed the bacteria but only made my immune system weaker still. This left me open to more and more infections.

So when I think what causes bladder infections, it is not so much the bacteria, like E coli which are the problem, it is more the fact that our bodies aren't strong enough to fight them off.

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