working through toxic patterns and trauma instigates beginning of urinary/bladder discomfort

Hey, i decided to share my story in hopes ill be able to find insights as i write. Even though i havent been to the doctors to confirm a uti and the symptoms i do experience are mild and last a very short time ive noticed a sharp increase in bladder and urinary discomfort this past year.

The biggest change ive endured, which correlates with the bladder problems, is a upheaval of toxic relationship denials and pent up emotion. When it was locked away it didnt seem to manifest (maybe i used strong coping mechanisms to channel emotion elsewhere) but after i began a long process of reflection and emotional erruptions (not to mention the stress from trying to seperate from a toxic person who was very attached) i experienced more irritation, anger, stress and panic than ever. It was also the year of my trauma resufacing from childhood.
i can see a definite relationship between stress, the anger from relationships and feeling i had to repress or felt guilty over the anger i harbored.

It starts to feel uncomfortable when i think about being irritated or resentful about someone else behavior. My guts seem to heat up and then that itchy achey feeling returns.
Feels like imflammation and too much yang, a fighty energy and lots of resistence, instead of that watery essence that flows so naturally and is accepting /receptive.

I think maybe i need to work on letting go (of course) letting the emotions flow (accepting the anger and distress as a natural effect of toxcicity and trauma) and see it as a process instead of getting stuck on moments of distress. So acceptance of the very emotion that caused it... maybe will be tricky, as im kind of resentful of how uncomfortable that anger is! (Even if it is a normal response to negativity... seems like ive turned that anger inward on myself). But alas, its inevitable, we cant get rid of feelings, only let them through, let them out, and work to make future emotional health brighter with self care, support, and adjusting behavior/environment.
Acceptence, allowing anger to pass (have its say) and go, and not holding onto resentment unneccessarily (use emotion to determine needs, boundaries, and best action, take needed action, and let go!) Or work extra to release emotional stress if the situation is not able to change, or use the energy to reflect amd improve self protective strategies.

Thats my process, i hope my insights can help others as writing this out has helped me!

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